Your Trusted Osteopaths in the Yarra Valley

Why see an Osteopath?

We treat common ailments and injuries without the use of drugs when you ask to see an Osteopath at By Design Holistic Health. Located in Lilydale, in the beautiful Yarra Valley, our Osteopaths, David, Samara and Sheree are professionally trained to effectively diagnose and treat many common conditions. Such complaints that an Osteopath can help to treat include:


If you require rehabilitation from an injury or to strengthen a weak spine, then Pilates is for you. Dr. Samara Melder (Osteopath, Pilates Rehab) will tailor an individual program for you.

If you suffer from shin splints or foot pain, David can help you with Posture Control Insole technology. This technology provides stimulation to the arch of the foot, rather than forcing it to change. The insoles are helpful in plantar fasciitis, shin splints, ankle pain, flat feet and fallen arches.

For residents in the Yarra Ranges region looking for a qualified Osteopath, turn to the team at By Design Holistic Health in Lilydale. Call us today on (03) 9735 7733, make an appointment using the form on this page or contact us online.

Nutrition Medicine – Health Coaching 

Dr. Jonathan Baker invites you to complete a health history form to discuss your current and future health goals and to find out how a health coach will help you achieve them. Reduce inflammation, activate your health potential, simplify your life and fulfil your purpose.