Lilydale Osteopath – Our Team

Dr. Nicole Tonkies

Recently joining our team is Nicole, who with her enthusiasm for Osteopathy and helping people get healthier, brings with her a keen interest in a variety of techniques including dry needling, direct and indirect treatment modalities.

Since completing her osteopathic studies at RMIT University, Nicole has developed a special interest in the management of headaches, postural issues, and neckpain. She is passionate about treating people of all ages with a strong focus on finding the primary source of pain.

Nicole has completed additional training in Dry Needling and Myofascial Cupping which she integrates into her Osteopathic treatments.

Nicole lives in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and is interested in Clinical Pilates, is a keen netballer, and brings her unique perspective to her Osteopathic practice.

Dr. Samara Melder


Samara has now been with By Design Holistic Health for 3years and as an Osteopath she assesses
patients using a structural (muscle and joint medicine) approach. Samara is keenly interested in amateur (and professional) sporting injuries, particulary, dance, gymnastics, running and athletic endevours. Her interest in Pilates and Yoga for rehabilitation and overall health are a passion of hers.

Samara utilises her diagnostic and treatment skills in sports injury management, acute spinal/limb pain syndromes and rehabilitation. Samara integrates Rehabilitation Pilates, offering one-on-one rehabilitation sessions for spinal injuries, along with individualised and specific strengthening and toning exercise programs for the prevention of problems.

Samara has a history in top-level dancing and recently completed her first half-marathon – 21kms!. She has spent most of her years growing up in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne with her mum and brother and also has a keen interest in nutritional health and exercise prescription.

Dr. David Salisbury

David completed his osteopathic studies at RMIT University in 2010, with his Masters thesis investigating the effects of pelvic function on hamstring muscle strength. Having suffered from a major back injury as a teenager, he is passionate about correct injury treatment and rehabilitation, especially with lower back pain.

David also has a particular interest in the effects of workplace and lifestyle factors on people’s complaints. He has completed a Certificate in Global Posturology, allowing him to assess and fit insoles that assist with better posture and lower limb function.

Outside of work David has enjoyed playing a variety of sports including basketball, indoor soccer, tennis, mixed netball, running and inline skating. He now gets the majority of his exercise from chasing his 2-year-old daughter around the house! He and his wife live in Boronia and are expecting their second child later in October.

David is passionate about helping people from all walks of life achieve better health and has found the successful Osteopathic treatment of patients a very  rewarding experience. He treat people of all ages, from infants through to seniors.


Dr. Sheree MacPherson


Sheree is a highly dedicated and friendly osteopath who completed her osteopathic qualification at Victoria University, which involved five years of full time study.

This includes receiving a Masters degree for research on the relationship between leg length difference and hip osteoarthritis. With a background influenced by a variety of sports, including netball, touch football and competitive games of squash against her husband, Sheree has a thorough understanding of how common sporting and leisure-related injuries occur and their treatment.  Sheree has worked closely with the local Seville football and netball club.

Sheree is passionate about treating the whole family, from infants to grandparents. Sheree has a special interest in women’s health, including pre/post natal care and paediatrics/treating children. She has also developed a particular interest in treating visceral (organ) conditions including helping in the treatment of digestive problems and constipation. Having grown up in the Yarra Valley, Sheree enjoys the beautiful surroundings and hopes you enjoy the professional but relaxed environment at the clinic. Sheree and her husband have a daughter and a son – so Sheree works part time, and is even more enthusiastic about family Osteopathic medicine.

Dr. Jonathan Baker


Jonathan launched into Osteopathic practice in 2003 to define his own vision of how BEST to help those who need to get healthier. Some years on, Jonathan enjoys taking people of the Lilydale and Yarra Valley region through a health improvement journey both with the use of Osteoapthic hands-on techniques and Nutritional Medicine/health coaching advice, involving gene profiling.  Jonathan is deeply passionate about his own health and will apply that passion to your health too.

Jonathan’s experience with the benefits of Osteopathy was watching his dad recover from many work-induced injuries that really only an Osteo was able to fix. At the end of year 12, Jonathan almost went into an Architecture degree, changing at the last minute to science and then onto RMIT’s 5 year course.

Jonathan’s expertise also branches into Nutritional Medicine/Health Coaching, where he has enjoyed the rewarding benefits of helping people correct nutritional deficiencies, balance hormones, get more energy, lose weight and gain control of their lives. More information can be found at

Along with his wife and 3 children, Jonathan lives in Montrose and is involved in his local church (Discovery Church), enjoys running, riding, gardening, golf at Gardiner’s Run Golf Course and enjoying the peace and tranquility of the Dandenongs, while living a super healthy and simplified life.


Towards Holistic Health! Our Story…

By Design Holistic Health, Osteopathy and Nutritional Medicine Health Coaching, established in the Yarra Valley in 2003, welcomes all people, where we passionately want your BEST health to be restored. When you see one of our Osteopaths – Your health is our specialty!

Our Osteopaths Samara, David, Nicole, Jonathan and Sheree (when she is in the country) are willing to chat with you about any muscle, joint or other health problem. David, who joined us in 2010 is dedicated to listening to you and finding health with direct, hands-on techniques, while incorporating postural, workplace, exercise and lifestyle advice. David advises the use of Posture Control Insoles for all postrue related issues.

Sheree is an experienced Osteopath (2008) with her friendly approach to your health and correct diagnosis of your health issue, will take you towards your BEST health. Sheree’s application of hands-on treatments will ensure your body is in the best possible hands. Sheree’s focus is family muscle and joitn therapy, with her techniques suitable for mums, dads, bubs, kids and adolescents.

Samara, joined our clinic in 2014 with a passion for rehabilitative medicine, burgeoned from her own success story from a serious disc injury as a teenager. Samara brings fresh enthusiasm and a creative passion for seeing sports people, of all ages, amateur or professional, reach their maximum potential.

Nicole adds another dimension to our clinic with an interest in the more indirect Osteopathic techniques and dry needling for a range of soft tissue injuries.

Jonathan, who established the business in 2003, works as an Osteopath and Nutrition Medicine Health Coach offering a diverse service in spinal and joint manipulative therapy, nutritional medicine therapy and gene profiling health programs.  Jonathan is intuitive, switched on, practices what he preaches and listens intently to each person he works with.


Our Osteopaths practice with these thoughts in mind:

  • The idea of “by design” recognises that we have been created with a purpose in mind, relating to our physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.
  • The principle of “holistic” encompasses the many facets of health that make up who we are, placing the person as priority, the sanctity of human life as paramount and our overall health is a function of many inter-related bodily workings.
  • Our Holistic Health Osteopathic Medicine beliefs:
    • The body is a unit. All parts are connected and operate in unison under optimal conditions.
    • Structure and function are inter-related.  When structure is aligned, the body’s amazing system can function properly, while a malfunctioning body part will create structural changes.  Both must be treated to obtain health.
    • The body’s cells tend towards self-healing when given the appropriate food/nutrition, adequate oxygen, regular exercise and anti-stress regimes.  Oh, good genetics help too.
  • Therefore the use of Osteopathic ‘hands-on’ therapies in conjunction with physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual advice given in a practitioner-patient consultation must be governed by the above principles to see the best health possible achieved.