Why Choose Us?

Osteopaths are very good at what they do.  We are by far the fastest growing health profession by numbers, but also by results.  An Osteopath in Australia trains for five years earning at least a double degree or master’s degree – we know what we are on about, with further training in specialty areas often undertaken. Osteopaths do not treat ‘bone disease’ as the our professional name implies,but we are musculoskeletal specialists.  Osteopaths are “first port of call” practitioners and we tailor treatment plans to your specific needs.

Our Osteopaths consider your pain problem with the following thoughts in mind:

  • Your body is a unit and it was designed to work in a particular way.
  • All parts in your body are connected and should work as intended under the BEST conditions.
  • Structure and function are inter-related. When your body structure is correct, your amazing system can function properly and vice-versa, lending to health or disease.
  • Your body’s cells will tend towards self-healing when given the appropriate food/nutrition, adequate oxygen, regular exercise, anti-stress regimes and time to heal.

Therefore, body therapies in conjunction with physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual advice given in a practitioner-patient consultation will be governed by these principles to see your best health achieved.


We hope this information rings true with your particular health problem and you now know that we can and want to help you.