Simple Health Nutrition Guide

by Dr Jonathan Baker



The blue Simple Health nutrition guide has everything you need to start EATING better, in a much more permissive way, rather than restrictive, with a plethora of helpful links, recipe resources and supplement information that you can cater to your own situation, along with a simple daily health plan, that can be implemented within days. The ideal companion to the Coaching Resource.

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Dr. Jonathan Baker is an Osteopathic and Integrative Nutrition practitioner from Melbourne, Australia. He has worked with patients for the past 16 years, gathering knowledge on the systemic and nutritional and primary factors involved in promoting great health. Jonathan’s relational approach to clinical issues goes about simply improving his patients current health status with great questions and specific individualised interventions.

Jonathan’s authoring interest developed from seeing results with his patients making 1 or 2 small changes each month, which over the course of a year, significantly changes the trajectory of someone’s health journey for the positive.

Outside of writing about health interventions and getting to the WHY of what people chose to do, Jonathan enjoys time with his wife and 3 kids in the Yarra Valley golfing, running, playing and bush-walking.