Our Philosophy

  • The body is a unit. All parts are connected and operate in unison under optimal conditions.
  • Structure and function are inter-related.  When structure is aligned, the body’s amazing system can function properly, while a malfunctioning body part will create structural changes.  Both must be treated to obtain health.
  • The body’s cells tend towards self-healing when given the appropriate food/nutrition, adequate oxygen, regular exercise and anti-stress regimes.  Oh, good genetics help too.
  • Therefore the use of Osteopathic ‘hands-on’ therapies in conjunction with physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual advice given in a practitioner-patient consultation must be governed by the above principles to see the best health possible achieved.
Although philosophical in its development, Osteopaths are very practical, hands-on and holistic health care practitioners, with your best health, their most important goal.