Stretches & Exercises

Our Osteopaths strive to give you the best advice to regain your health.  Part of that process is stretches and strengthening exercises that enable you to keep flexibility, increase muscle tone and reduce recurrence of injuries.

We have compiled some short videos to complement your Osteopathic treatment by our Osteopaths in Lilydale, describing common stretches and muscle toning exercises we recommend daily.  If you have not seen one of our Osteopaths, please consider carefully the relevance of the stretch to your needs and consult us in the clinic if you have any concerns.

These videos do not diagnose problems and therefore can only be considered advice of a general Osteopathic nature, not individually tailored to your treatment needs.  They are not a cure and are not promoted as such, rather an adjunct to Osteopathic diagnosis and treatment as a visual aid, once you leave the clinic.  That said, they are particularly helpful and we trust you use them wisely and safely and enjoy the benefits of stretching regularly, as all our Osteopaths do.

Core Activation Exercise

Lumbar Strengthening Exercise

Alternate Arm & Leg Extension

Low Back Rotation Stretch

Neck Pain Relief Stretches

Poor Posture/Desk Stretches

Knee to Chest Stretch

The Plank for Core Strength