Holistic Nutritionist Lilydale, Yarra Valley


Feel Your Best With Our Holistic Naturopathy Nutrition and Health Coaching Services

Do you know that you are what you eat? Are you aware that your dietary and lifestyle choices have a significant effect on your health? Did you know you can do many things to prevent major diseases?

If it is time to for you to do something about your health, then I would love to be your biggest advocate & coach you through this journey. I particularly enjoy working with frustrated, but motivated men or women who want to simplify their lives, find purpose and activate their health potential.

The Holistic Nutritionist/Health Coach at By Design Holistic Health is Dr. Jonathan Baker. I am here to help coach your return to awesome health and vitality. Our clinic is located in Lilydale in the beautiful Yarra Ranges and my goal is to make health simple – by coaching you through a 4 or 12 month program of nutrition, ‘nutrigenomic‘, lifestyle and exercise changes.

Nutritionist and Health Coach Dr. Jonathan Baker will guide you into a new paradigm of thinking around your health and to set you up to recover from any present sickness and prevent illness in the future.  Over 6 months, you will:

  • Build an awesomely strong immune system
  • Correct many nutritional deficiencies
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Optimise your brain function
  • Understand the importance of movement
  • Make the best food choices for you
  • Learn how food can be your medicine
  • Have me advocate and encourage you
  • Discover your purpose for life

How can a holistic nutritionist help me?

A consultation with a holistic nutritionist focuses on the latest technology in Gene Profiling, using a simple pathology test to find out which genes you have and how we can best ‘compensate’ for their effects on your health. Simple nutrigenomic and nutritional interventions mean a healthier, more energetic and vibrant you.

Jonathan’s programs are tailored to your individual needs and will be assessed at your first health history consultation. It’s time to activate your health potential.

By Design Holistic Health is based in Lilydale in the Yarra Ranges. We offer a range of services including Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Counselling & Pilates.

Contact us today [email protected] or 9739 6409 to discover how holistic nutrition coaching will increase your health and vitality.