Are you frustrated, but motivated to change your current health state?


Below are listed the two program options that Jonathan offers in a one on one context, in the clinic rooms. If you commit, then change will happen. I will be your biggest advocate to see you take responsibility for your health and build a life full of vitality.


12 Month Comprehensive Life Change Program ($1188)

12 x Monthly Coaching Sessions (50mins)

2 x Nutricheck Nutrition Profile

2 x Health DVD’s

1 x Simple Health Nutrition Booklet


4 Month Starter Program ($594)

6 x Coaching Sessions (50mins)

1 x Nutricheck Nutrition Profile

1 x Health DVD

1 x Simple Health Nutrition Booklet


Supplement/Superfood Cost is additional to the program costs. Being your healthiest takes effort, responsibility and stewardship to achieve your desired outcome – VITALITY.

I would love to work with you to achieve that. Jonathan