Unlock Your Genes and Activate Your Health Potential

All that is required is a once off saliva test and you can discover your DNA blueprint (55 genes tested) and learn how well your genes are matched to your present diet and lifestyle, as well as how to activate your health potential.

By assessing your genetic profile, Dr. Jonathan Baker will teach you how to optimise your diet and modify your lifestyle to “turn off” or down-regulate genes that have the potential to cause harm and “turn on” or up-regulate the genes that help to prevent disease. The Fitgenes Genetic Profile has the potential to motivate you to long term action.

Balancing your unique DNA blueprint with your food, exercise and lifestyle choices – known as nutrigenomics – is your key to sustained long term healthy living.

Genes Can be Switched On & Off

Most people understand that our genes gives us our uniqueness – they influence everything from the colour of our eyes, our height and the predisposition to chronic disease. However, science now confirms that our genes interact with our lifestyle choices, such as nutrition, exercise and environmental exposures.
   The expression of our DNA is actually controlled by signals from outside each cell – which primarily come from our diet, lifestyle and environmental exposures.

Understanding your important genes will help you to:

  • Age well
  • Know how your body works, then make informed lifestyle choices
  • Prevent and reduce the risk of chronic diseases, while treating existing health problems
  • Improve your energy levels and concentration
  • Know what diet will optimise the health of your genes
  • Know exactly which supplements will help your body function at it’s very best

The one-size-fits-all approach to diet, lifestyle or healthcare no longer makes sense because of our understanding of epigenetics. In summary, your genes, your environment and your lifestyle are the essential components of a healthy life, and we now know that just because you might have a genetic tendency to something – it does not have to mean that those genes will be switched on, once you know how to balance your individual genetic make-up with the best choices for you.

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“In a recent study, a combination of improved nutrition, moderate exercise, stress management techniques, and increased social support caused the expression of over 500 genes to be changed in only 3 months – facilitating disease-preventing disease and inhibiting the effects of genes that promote heart disease, cancer, inflammation and oxidative stress.”