Naturopathy – What to Expect

What should you expect from a consultation?


The Initial Consultation


At your initial naturopathic consultation, you will be asked to arrive 10 minutes early to fill out a brief questionnaire on your health. The first consultation is all about information gathering and goes for 1 hour. I will ask you a series of questions on your health priorities, symptoms, personal and family medical history, current medications, diet, lifestyle and more to gain a comprehensive picture of you and your health. A segment of this consultation will involve various physical assessments such as pH test, blood pressure, weight and height as well as tongue, eyes and nails to detect any nutritional deficiencies or other reasons for disease. Pathology tests or other more specialised tests may also be used or recommended.


The initial consultation allows me to collect information and make an assessment of your condition so that I am able to work out the most effective treatment protocol for you. I will give you some basic lifestyle and diet recommendations associated with your concern and supplements/herbs may be given after this first consultation. I will ensure that the supplements prescribed are safe and have no interactions with any prescribed medicines. These high-quality “practitioner only” products are TGA approved and are produced under Good Manufacturing Practice.


Follow up Consultations

Follow up consultations are half the time of initial consultations and allow you to report back on any changes you have noticed or made. Your first follow up consultation is also the time you will receive your treatment plan based on what was shared at the initial consultation. Further follow up consultations will enable your progress to be tracked, give you that accountability that is so often needed when making changes to your health and allow for any adjustments to your treatment plan.

Katie Kuivisto

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