8-Weeks to a New You Weight Loss Program

Is getting to your ideal weight on top of your list? At By Design Holistic Health, I am offering an 8-week weight loss program package that is focused on not only achieving your weight loss goals but also on bringing down what we call your metabolic set point and keeping the weight off.

Losing weight can be difficult for a variety of reasons and not just lack of motivation and poor food choices. Poor liver function, hormonal imbalances, food allergies and stress are just some of the reasons you’re finding it difficult to lose weight. Without addressing these first, you may never lose the weight you desire.

The truth is that there is no one-size fits all approach. We all have very individual needs with different metabolic profiles. If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, this might be because you haven’t been choosing the right foods or there is some underlying pathology that is hindering you. Also, studies have revealed some key factors associated with successful long-term weight loss and these include accountability and support, short-term goal setting, monitoring and dietary modifications which are specific to you and your lifestyle.


Why See a Naturopath for Weight Loss?

This is where I come in. As a naturopath, I can help you determine what is holding you back by not only helping you change your diet and addressing any underlying factors that are specific to you but helping you along the way to achieve your goals. That is why I have put together an 8-week weight loss package that is affordable, of great value and one that has scientific research to back it up.


 Why the Shake It Approach?

The Shake-It Weight Loss Program is a ketogenic diet which reduces carbohydrate intake and replacing it with good fats. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. When this happens, your body becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat stores for energy. Ketogenic diets have numerous health benefits as it can cause massive reductions in blood sugar and insulin levels.

It assists you in losing a steady amount of weight each week, whilst preserving muscle mass. Most calorie restricted diets produce disappointing results due to the excessive loss of muscle mass. The loss of muscle reduces your metabolic rate (ability to burn calories) and increases your likelihood of putting the weight back on.

Click here for more information on Shake-It- www.shake-it.com.au

My 8-Week to a New You Weight Loss Program is designed under my 5 principles or STEPS of effective weight loss:

  1. Simple- an approach that is clear and easy to incorporate into an already busy lifestyle
  2. Tailored- a diet and weight loss approach that is tailored to your needs and lifestyle and considers any underlying pathology
  3. Effective- if we’re not seeing results, then we can tweak it along the way to make sure that you are
  4. Partnership- you and I are partners in this so there will be weekly or fortnightly check-ups to make sure you stay on track, address any issues and mark progress
  5. Sustainable- so you can keep off the weight long-term



  • 1 x initial in-depth health and diet assessment consultation (75 min)
  • 1 x follow-up consultation where you will receive an 8 week action plan tailored to your individual needs (45 min)
  • 4 x acute (15 min) check up consultations to ensure you’re on track
  • Comprehensive weight loss manual
  • Recipe book and extra recipes if required
  • Shake x 2 (6 weeks worth)
  • Customised meal plan
  • Shopping list
  • Weekly newsletters and ongoing support to keep you on track

Optional extras*:

  • one-on-one 30 min grocery shopping excursions to help you make better choices and learn how to read food labels
  • workshops (subject to interest) focusing on various topics including healthy cooking demonstrations, gut health and how to make your own probiotic foods etc

*Note: Optional extras are not included in the cost. Any extra supplements thought to be necessary will not be included in this cost.

Check with your private health fund and see www.shake-it.com.au, you may be entitled to extra benefits.

For more information, enquire or call 03 9739 6409 to book today.