Natural medicine identifies ‘Why You Are Sick’ and asks ‘Why isn’t your body healing?’ 

During your consultation, Naturopaths are thinking of what has happened to prevent you from recovering.  Some of these factors may be:

  • Nutrient Deficiency or Excess      
  • Toxcity / Damage
  • Infection (unresolved)                        
  • Dehydration
  • Environmental Stress                        
  • Geopathic Stress
  • Metabolic Imbalances                      
  • Poor Diet
  • Structural misalignment  
  • Drugs / Medications / Supplements​

What to expect in your Initial Consultation
Your initial consultation with will be thorough and detailed.  A full health history will be taking including and Bio-Energetic scan to test for imbalances, toxicity and nutrient deficiency is used.    Naturopaths need to establish why you or your child has become sick and what is needed to recover fully. A clinical examination and nutritional check is also completed along with iris analysis.

Repairing the DamageTreatments that match your needs

Successful recovery involves accurate diagnosis and therapeutic treatments.  Naturopathic medicine @BDHH provides this level of professional care. All our herbal, nutritional and homoeopathic medicines are of the highest therapeutic quality.
Here are some of our strategies we employ using herbal, nutritional and homoeopathic medicines:

  • Detoxification
  • Treatment of “Root Cause” of illness, eg. chronic infection, altered gut microbiota, leaky gut…
  • Nutrient Repletion
  • Therapeutic Diet
  • Age Appropriate Exercise
  • Re-Hydration
  • Home Health Audit
  • Pure Drinking Water

Why Natural Medicine?
Natural Medicine offers you something Dr Google cannot, an individulal and qualified assessment, diagnosis and treatment of your health complaint accompanied by therapies and therapeutic supplements to help you recover.

All chronic illness are sustained by multiple drivers and in order for you to fully recover one must identify each one of these and correct the damage. There are excellent outcomes when consulting a qualified health practitioner that has the skills and knowledge to achieve lasting results.

Herbal Medicine
Western herbal medicine has been in use for thousands of years and is a wonderful modalitiy to effectively treat a wide range of health conditions.  Herbal formulations are individually made from a qualified professional who is trained in the correct use and application of herbal medicine.  

Nutrient and Mineral Therapy
Nutrient repletion is often needed to kick start the process of healing.  The body’s diverse range of metabolic processes requires a multitute of vitamins, minerals and trace emelents to work well.  At least 30% of our patients present with conditions related to nutrient deficiency.  Our clinic uses only the best therapeutic nutritional medicines that are scienticifally validated and tripple-tested for safety and efficacy.  

Can provide excellent results when used in the correct way and for receptive individuals.  We only use the highest quality remedies as formulated by Dr H.H Reckeweg to help shift the body back into a state of physiological wellness.

A good diet is the cornerstone to keeping your being feeling full of vitality.  Ensuring your nutritional needs are being met and that your diet is appropriate for your current state of health is of great importance.  Naturopathic medicine can help guide you in modulating your diet to suit your health needs.

Call 9739 6409 for a Naturopathic consultation with Tim Howden ND. Tim is consulting on Fridays by appointment or by special appointment on Mondays @BDHH.