Myotherapist – Ms Shauni Brauch


Now consulting from By Design Holistic Health in Lilydale.

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Shauni has vast experience in carrying out injury assessment and prevention through her work as a Myotherapist and sports trainer. Her passion is working with patients to get them back into action, enabling them to thrive in their every day lives.
From a young age, Shauni has always had an interest in the human body and it’s anatomy. It’s like a puzzle that she gets to solve every day! She loves taking on new challenges and enjoys being pushed to think outside the box, testing new research and ideas.
Shauni is the Head Sports Trainer at the Croydon Football Club, where she has had the opportunity to carry out injury assessment and prevention, pre- and post-game rubdowns, sport taping and first responder to injuries on the field. Shauni thoroughly enjoy looking after the team and working alongside the football club.
Outside of work Shauni enjoys trying new sports, traveling, hiking and finding new adventures.

What happens in a Myotherapy treatment?


Myotherapy is mostly a hands-on treatment of soft tissue, deep tissue, dry needling and utilises home-based exercises including foam rollers, spikey ball use, simple stretches and strengthening exercises.
A Myotherapist looks at chronic and acute conditions or injuries, and is particularly beneficial in sports massage, pre- and post- event massage and during pregnancy.

What techniques does a Myotherapist use?

‘Hands-on’ manual therapy.
  • Mobilisation
  • Soft tissue manipulation
  • Cross fibre massage
  • Myo-facial release
  • Dry needling
  • Counterstrain
  • ANF (Amino-Neuro-frequency discs)

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