Mattress Choice

Our Osteopaths recommend Regal Sleep Solutions for your mattress needs. In particular, their HLM range is impressive and TGA approved.

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to your health. Unfortunately for many of our patients with aches and pains, a standard mattress doesn’t adequately support them. We are often asked to recommend a mattress, and based on our knowledge and research, we strongly recommend our patients sleep on a Healthy Life Mattress.

The Healthy Life Mattress range was designed in consultation with different health professionals in order to produce superior mattresses that support people with back and neck issues. These mattresses contain 3 times more springs than a normal mattress, with firm and soft ergonomic zones that allow your back to remain ‘straight’ while lying down.

Regal offer a 30-day guarantee, so you swap the mattress if needed – not that anyone has done that yet! They also have a 15-year warranty and interest-free finance.

The range includes 3 types (classic, soft and firm) and if you are referred from us, you save $2000 on the retail cost of the HLM mattress. So if you’re interested, just mention it to one of our Osteopaths next time you’re in and we can write the referral. Julie or one of her staff will call you to arrange a time to figure out which mattress suits you. There are financing options available and no obligation to buy after being referred – but they are very good mattresses!

As these are therapeutic mattresses, when we refer you it may be possible to claim the mattress through your accountant at tax time.

For more online details, but disregard the online prices… Regal Sleep Solutions.

Or ask more at your next consultation – you will need our referral to get your discount.