Pilates Services in Lilydale

Exercise Physiologist, Joanne Matthews

At By Design Holistic Health, we offer both mat and reformer pilates!

What’s the difference between the two?

Mat pilates focuses on your body weight to perform the movements and is the foundation on which thepilates method is based upon. As you are performing movement against gravity, it is a great workout, with the only equipment needed being a mat.

Reformer pilates uses a spring system to add resistance to exercises. As there is a bed which moves along the carriage, the movements are much more dynamic than mat pilates. Movements can be done standing, lying, sitting and sideways. There is a large variety of exercises that can be performed on the reformer allowing for all fitness levels to be catered to.

To find out which pilates is best suited for you or to make an appointment email [email protected] or phone 9739 6409

Reformer Pilates