Treatment for Headaches in the Yarra Valley

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Many people suffer from headaches that are neck related – a common condition that can be treated. By Design Holistic Health provides effective Osteopathic treatment for headaches in the Yarra Valley, helping you to enjoy the relief that you need.

Osteopaths are trained to determine which type of headache you have and work out the best way to help you get rid of them. We will ascertain whether your headache:

  • Is from a neck injury such as whiplash
  • Stress or tension
  • Is from poor posture
  • Is actually a migraine?
  • May be coming from your jaw
  • Is due to nutrient deficiencies or toxic build up

Tips to help stop headaches before they start

In the meantime, consider drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day to avoid dehydration headaches. Relying on Nurofen though is not a long term answer – you do not have a headache because you are deficient in Nurofen! Detoxification can rid you of the toxins that built up inside you that may be causing headaches. Reduce the stress in your life and find some balance – this will reduce the frequency and likelihood of tension headaches.

With Osteopathy treatment you might no longer need to rely on medication or suffer the effects of a ‘fuzzy’ head. Make an appointment to see us at our Lilydale practice today.

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