Frequently Asked Questions – Osteopathy

 What training do Osteopaths have?

All our Osteopaths, have completed either the VUT or RMIT requirements for Victorian state registration to practice manual medicine – either a Masters or Double Bachelor Degree.  Ongoing participation in further studies and post-graduate education are often undertaken and are required for ongoing registration.

What makes an Osteopath different?

Osteopaths go right to the cause of your health issue, diagnosing and treating these problems, enabling your muscle and joint systems to work to their BEST.
An Osteopath will advise on posture, work-related and lifestyle issues.  Aiming to prevent problems and fix current ones.
An Osteopath uses non-invasive techniques to safely treat the body’s problems.  Osteopaths use soft tissue massage, stretching, mobilisation, manipulation, exercise and nutritional prescription.

What can I expect from my first treatment?

Hopefully a pleasant and non-intimidating experience!  You can feel relaxed and comfortable you’re in good hands.  A comprehensive history of your problem and other relevant details will be taken, including past injuries, medical and nutritional history.
You may need to remove some clothing to comprehensively assess and treat your health complaint, but due care is taken to cover you or provide gowns if necessary.  During the assessment, movement will be assessed in muscles, joints, ligaments and your spine.  Points of stress can be identified during this process.  Often this is hands-on.

What does the treatment of a baby involve?

Your young child is able to receive Osteopathic treatment soon after birth in fact, that can be a great idea.  Questions from an Osteopath will focus on pregnancy, birth and early days of life.  Our Osteopaths do not manipulate young babies as we find our gentle techniques are very effective.

Does the treatment hurt my baby?

Your baby will not feel any more discomfort than they may already be in.  Sometimes, the touch from an Osteopath can remind a child of some of the compressive forces experienced in labour, so crying may occur.  Otherwise the pressure is very light and sleep may be induced.

Do I need a referral?

In most cases, no, but Veterans Affairs patients do require a referral from their GP, which is easily organised.

Is there any age restriction for Osteopathic treatments?

In a word – no.  At this clinic, we have treated babies at 2 weeks old and 93 years old.  Osteopaths will use the BEST treatment according to age and need.

Is Osteopathic treatment available under Medicare?

Yes.  Some people suffering from chronic conditions can receive a referral for treatment with our Osteopaths, under the government’s EPC plan ask your GP.

Can I claim Osteopathic consultations from my health insurer?

Most health funds can provide a rebate on the spot from the HICAPS machine in the clinic. Check with your health fund that you are covered for Osteopathic treatment.

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