Children & Pain

You can feel confident bringing your new baby or your big baby to see one of our Osteopaths. There are a number of strains placed on babies during the birth process as well as the knocks, bumps and bruises that occur from being a kid. It is our opinion that these should not be ignored.

Osteopathic treatment for pre-pubescent kids and babies with gentle, hands-on techniques may help in a wide range of conditions, where there is structural disturbances from the spine or muscles. We have helped babies and kids with:

  • Sleeping disturbances
  • Feeding problems (positioning)
  • General ‘Upsetness’
  • Birth trauma causing misshapen head bones
  • Constipation

In older kids:

  • Recurrent ear, nose and throat infections
  • Headache & Migraine
  • Scoliosis
  • Back pain
  • Growing pains

Particularly for babies, Osteopaths use very gentle techniques to effect change in the upper spine, lower spine and abdomen that alleviate pressure that causes misshapen head bones, due to birth trauma and settle some of the spinal causes for babies being ‘upset.’

Younger kids will find our Osteopaths fun, approachable and willing to relate to them in the best way to help them reduce their pain.