Maximum Heart Rate

Posted On: 1/05/15 6:06 AM

Latest research into exercise physiology has shown that being able to exercise at 80% of your maximum heart rate will provide the most benefits as far as reducing cardiovascular disease, serious disease risk, lessing stress responses in your body and general well being. We do not really mind what type of exercise you do, as […]

Lumbar Extension Exercise

Posted On: 1/02/15 6:41 AM

This easy to perform, but rather strong exercise will aim to develop strength in your lower back and mid back, while encouraging control of your abdominal muscles as they work in an eccentric manner. Do not overdo this exercise. Come up slightly from the floor and hold briefly, you will feel the muscles working in your […]

Neck Pain Relief Stretches

Posted On: 1/12/14 6:46 AM

Importantly, remember to relax when performing stretches, find a comfortable stance or sitting posture and remove other tensions.  Stretching in the sun is always more relaxing where possible.  These stretches are a great starting point, but remember to seek Osteopathic treatment if you have more persistent pain, debilitating headaches or migraines, eye tension, dizziness or […]

Alternate Arm & Leg Extension

Posted On: 1/05/14 6:39 AM

This can be a stretch as well as a core strengthening exercise that will tone the hip muscles, buttock muscles, deeper abdominals (core) and increase balance and stability for the lower and middle spine regions. Care should be taken to make sure you are on a secure, comfortable surface with proper footwear. Take each exercise […]

Knee to Chest Stretch

Posted On: 1/03/14 6:37 AM

This is a very simple stretch that will relieve low back stiffness caused from disc injuries, facet/joint sprains and muscle strains/spasms.  Find a comfortable spot to relax and perform this stretch, allowing your body to slowly curl up from knees bent to up against your chest.  Take your knees as far as comfortable, hold, and […]

Core Strength Exercises

Posted On: 1/11/13 6:42 AM

Instability of the lower back can result in quite significant pain (and major injury in some cases), when left untreated and/or not rehabilitated effectively. We are all about prevention as Osteopaths, so here is a simple exercise that uses the principles of Pilates core strengthening to stabilise the lower back, increase deeper abdominal strength and […]

Low Back Stretch

Posted On: 1/09/13 6:25 AM

One of the simplest stretches for the lower back, gluteal and upper thigh region that can be done with relative ease, but also graded up in stretching intensity as your painful symptoms improve.  Care must be taken with any rotation exercise if you have a disc injury, but if you take it slowly, relax other […]

The Plank for Core Strength

Posted On: 1/07/13 6:08 AM

The plank position is easy to assume, but is quite a strong exercise for those wishing to increase abdominal strength and rehabilitate a low back injury.  Care must be taken with this exercise to not ‘overdo’ it and time spent holding the plank slowly increased over time.  If you suffer from a disc injury, consult […]

Poor Posture/Office Work Stretches

Posted On: 1/05/13 6:07 AM

These neck stretches for relief from pain in the muscles of the back and side of the neck will be most beneficial for people who sit at a desk or computer for a long proportion of the day or those with poor posture, regardless of whether you sit for long periods. If you experience muscle […]