Exercise, A Natural Anti-Depressant

Posted On: 29/01/20 12:31 PM

We all know that an inactive lifestyle contributes largely to a plethora of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and more. We also know the importance of exercise when it comes to weight loss. But how often do we consider the contribution of physical exercise to our mental health? It is not […]

The Importance of Loving Your Liver

Posted On: 28/02/18 12:10 AM

One of the most important things you can do to get your health back on track is to start by loving your liver. With the constant bombardment of a huge array of chemicals from food, water, cleaning products, gardening products, cosmetics, skin care products, perfumes and personal hygiene, it is no wonder there is so […]

Back pain in kids – common causes

Posted On: 18/02/16 11:22 PM

Studies show that 80 per cent of the population will suffer from back pain at some time, but these days the back pain is especially common among Aussie kids. Here are our most common back complaints we see school-age kids: Scoliosis Children between the ages of 11-14 can go through quite fast ‘growth spurts.’ This […]

Osteopaths in Lilydale

Posted On: 7/04/15 2:35 AM

We’re very proud to have our new website finished and full of helpful information regarding what Osteopaths do and how we can help with a wide range of back and neck pains, headaches, sports injuries for people of all ages. We pride ourselves on offering the BEST holistic health service and know that with our […]

Referral Program

Posted On: 19/09/14 1:01 AM

Referral Program We have launched a $10 off discount program for patients who refer other people to the clinic to see an Osteopath or for Pilates or Health Coaching. Please make sure your friends or family let our admin staff know, so we can send you a voucher. You can use this or pass it […]

10 Nutritional Tips

Posted On: 23/07/13 5:28 AM

1. Eat as Nature Intended Real food is good for you. Our bodies do not know how to process ready-made frozen meals with artificial preservatives and chemicals. Eat more ‘living’ foods and less ‘dead’ food. 2. Choose Organic Organic foods contain more vitamins and minerals, particularly if they have been picked ripe and are locally […]

Fermented Foods/Probiotics

Posted On: 9/04/13 5:45 AM

It is quite clear that eating a diet consisting of high amounts of processed foods will shorten your life, yet 90 percent of the money people in Western society spend on food is spent on processed food! The number one source of calories in countries like Australia and the US comes from high fructose corn […]

Vitamin Bad Press!!

Posted On: 26/10/11 5:48 AM

If you have read bad media communication about vitamins and minerals recently or in the past, here is some information from the other side – those that have success in orthomolecular medicine or NUTRITION.

12 Steps to Wellness

Posted On: 20/10/11 5:50 AM

Joshua Rosenthal, founder of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, who is a brilliant thinker around how to change our health for the positive, lists his 12 most important steps for getting well and staying well. I trust these 12 starting points can bring you more years of health and happiness, or if you are unwell, […]

Vitamin D – The Truth

Posted On: 19/10/11 5:51 AM

Latest research is teaching us as health professionals a lot about Vitamin D (actually a hormone) and how the sun actually is very beneficial for optimal health. Dr. Joseph Mercola has some very insightful information well worth reading.  In a nutshell, Vitamin D is protective against at least 17 different cancers, is vital in preventing autism, ADHD, […]