Simple Health Coaching Manual – Sneak Peek!

Posted On: 16/03/18 3:37 AM

In 2018, Dr. Jonathan Baker, after years of hard work, compiling and editing, will be releasing his 3rd authored work Simple Health: A Coaching Manual for Permanent Change. If is for frustrated, but motivated people who want to simplify their lives, find purpose and Activate their Health Potential. Here is a sneak peek from Chapter […]

Dry Needling Treatment

Posted On: 16/03/18 3:32 AM

Dry Needling What is Dry Needling? Dry Needling is a form of treatment that is used treat a variety of acute and chronic pains. This involves inserting a very thin, sterile needle into a muscle’s ‘trigger point’ to produce a relaxation response. A “trigger point” is a tender spot in the skeletal muscle that may produce […]

One Reason Why We Feel So Tired

Posted On: 14/03/18 11:55 PM

The last thing a mum wants to deal with are low iron levels which are only going to further exacerbate the fatigue already felt from lack of sleep and running after their children all day. Iron deficiency is a common problem that affects not only mums, but many women and some men too. You might […]

The Importance of Loving Your Liver

Posted On: 28/02/18 12:10 AM

One of the most important things you can do to get your health back on track is to start by loving your liver. With the constant bombardment of a huge array of chemicals from food, water, cleaning products, gardening products, cosmetics, skin care products, perfumes and personal hygiene, it is no wonder there is so […]

Naturopathy – What to Expect

Posted On: 20/02/18 2:54 AM

What should you expect from a consultation?   The Initial Consultation ($100 for 1 hr)   At your initial naturopathic consultation, you will be asked to arrive 10 minutes early to fill out a brief questionnaire on your health. The first consultation is all about information gathering and goes for 1 hour. I will ask […]

Fructose Malabsorption

Posted On: 18/12/17 6:20 AM

Having suffered from fructose sensitivity previously and helping other people with this reatively oppressive condition, it is important that answers be found allowing healing of the digestive tract, nutritional deficiencies to be addressed and the foods that are causing the problem to be avoided. This is a summary introduction to understanding fructose malabsorption better. In […]

Back pain in kids – common causes

Posted On: 18/02/16 11:22 PM

Studies show that 80 per cent of the population will suffer from back pain at some time, but these days the back pain is especially common among Aussie kids. Here are our most common back complaints we see school-age kids: Scoliosis Children between the ages of 11-14 can go through quite fast ‘growth spurts.’ This […]


Posted On: 7/05/15 6:10 AM

A migraine is a particularly severe form of headache that usually involves a throbbing pain on one side of the head. We have found osteopathic techniques to be very beneficial in the treatment of migraines.   Causes Migraines are thought to be caused by a complex series of events that affect the nerves in the […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Posted On: 7/05/15 5:11 AM

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome causes numbness and tingling in the hands, but do you have carpal tunnel or something else? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition where the median nerve gets compressed as it passes through the wrist. There are several factors that can contribute to getting carpal tunnel: Increased age Gender more common in females […]

It’s my Usual Back Pain

Posted On: 7/11/14 4:42 AM

As an Osteopath, I hear this reasonably often, to which I ask the question, ‘when does back pain become normal?’ Certainly there are some unique situations where chronic pain is unavoidable due to serious pathology or trauma suffered in a work or transport accident claim, but what I am referring to is the pain that […]