Fatigue conditions in teenagers ~ A Naturopathic approach

Posted On: 31/03/21 10:51 AM

It’s common for teenagers to feel tired at times, and it’s certainly normal for them to require gargantuan sleep-ins and have a whip-sharp attitude, but what if they’re really tired all the time? What if their vitality cannot manage a full school load, regular exercise and a modest social life without falling into a heap […]

Are You Suffering From Food Intolerances?

Posted On: 2/03/21 12:58 PM

Do you suffer with constant bloating, headaches and fatigue? Perhaps you’re running to the loo every couple of hours or maybe not for days? You may be suffering from food sensitivities. Food sensitivities, or intolerances are very common. In fact, 1 in 5 people have what we call an IgG food intolerance. A number of […]

Top Ten Tips to Improve your Gut Health

Posted On: 12/02/21 6:54 PM

A healthy digestive system is essential to the function of every organ in your body. Treating your body holistically means acknowledging that every organ system affects the other and without improving one, we can’t hope to see improvement in another. In the last decade or so, research has only just begun to catch up with […]

Feb/March Newsletter

Posted On: 11/02/21 3:05 PM

By Design Holistic Health Newsletter February/March 2021 Focus on what you can control and don’t waste your energy on the things that you cannot.” ~ Payel So Clinic News We’re already into the swing of another year at BDHH and we look forward to the new opportunities it presents. We are operating under COVID-safe guidelines […]

Endometriosis: A Naturopathic Perspective

Posted On: 19/01/21 1:39 PM

  Do you suffer from heavy and painful periods? Are there days you can’t get out of bed the pain is just so bad? You may have endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the endometrium (lining of the uterus) grows outside the uterus. This tissue usually proliferates in and around the pelvic region […]

A Naturopath’s Guide to Supporting Mental Health

Posted On: 8/01/21 10:54 AM

  We all have days when we’re not feeling at the top of our game. Maybe we’re experiencing a degree of stress and anxious feelings when feeling the pressure that can come with exams, work deadlines or relationship issues. Or maybe we have been feeling down, sad and not in the mood to be social. […]

Treating your Gut to Treat your Brain: The Link Between Gut Health and Your Brain

Posted On: 11/12/20 5:51 PM

Have you been feeling low and unmotivated and are not sure of the reason why? Or perhaps you have been feeling anxious when you normally think of yourself as a pretty relaxed person? It may actually be your gut that needs addressing. These two scenarios are examples of the connection between our brain and our […]

Beating Candida Naturally

Posted On: 23/07/20 12:13 PM

Candida is a term used to refer to an overgrowth of yeast in the body. Having the presence of candida in our system is not necessarily a bad thing, however, having too much can cause digestive upset, bloating, fatigue and poor immunity. This is known as candidiasis and can affect areas such as the gut, […]

Pumpkin, Black Rice and Lentil Salad GF, DF

Posted On: 21/07/20 3:10 PM

A hearty and filling salad, good for winter as you can serve it warm. Contains sources of protein, B vitamins, iron and many other nutrients. Serves 2.   Ingredients: 1 cup black rice 1 cup brown lentils 2 cups diced pumpkin 1 cup kale, chopped ¼ cup roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds ¼ cup kalamata […]

Gluten, Leaky Gut and the Autoimmune Connection

Posted On: 7/07/20 7:51 PM

A vast majority of people and even health professionals simply do not understand the extent to which the lifestyle choices we make, including the foods we eat and the environment we create, can so severely impact our health. One of the biggest and most misunderstood culprits is gluten. Recent research has shown links between gluten […]