Posted On: 8/06/18 11:27 PM

Unfortunately a single drug cannot be used to cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but some unlikely assistance can be found through nutrition. Additionally, if you don’t suffer from chronic fatigue but need some suggestions to limit how tired you feel, have a read. Vitamin A: Chronic fatigue syndrome is associated with a depressed immune function. Vitamin […]

Back pain bothering you?

Posted On: 14/05/18 6:50 AM

Back pain can be a real problem for a lot of people! Not only does it cause discomfort, but it can also stop people from doing their normal activities. Osteopathic treatment has been seen to help many people suffering from back pain by decreasing pain, increasing mobility and can help speed up the recovery time. So […]

How to Get Over Recurrent Infections

Posted On: 5/05/18 1:32 AM

Do you feel like you are always sick? Do you eventually get over one cold just to have another one start a month later? This is common, with lots of people suffering recurrent upper respiratory tract infections, flus, ear infections just to name a few. This pattern may indicate a decrease in your immune function. […]

Vitamin C

Posted On: 28/04/18 1:29 AM

Have you ever wondered why people say to take some vitamin C when you feel like you’re getting sick? Well, hopefully we can shed some light for you. What is vitamin C? Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin which has antioxidant, anti-atherogenic, anti-carcinogenic properties. This means that it can help prevent the risk of developing […]