Adolescent/Teenage Conditions

Quite commonly, pre-puberty, younger and older teenagers suffers from aches and pains that if present for longer than 3 days should be assessed and treated accordingly.  Some of the most common conditions are listed below and Osteopathic treatment and management canprovide relief and avice about future prevention, management and appropriate strengthening programs.

SCOLIOSIS: curvature of the spine that often happens during a quick growth spurt.  Stetch marks may be obvious and an indicator of an underlying twist in the spine.  Scoliosis symptoms, such as back pain  or neck pain and  can be treated by Osteopaths and relief experienced if detected early.  Scoliosis often causes one leg to appear longer than another and can be managed with a simple heel lift.

FLAT FEET: Commonly cause shin pain (shin splints), ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain or pain in the back.  Often flat feet are present with scoliosis and significant relief can be obtained with professionally measured Posture Control Insoles.  Osteopathy treatment to address pelvic alignment and leg length differences help manage this condition.

PTD: Patellar Tracking Dysfunction has a few different names but is likely the most common cause of knee pain in adolescents.  Osteopaths will asess the lower back, looking for referred pain into the knees and also at pelvis alignment that in some causes can be the significant contributor to the knee pain.

HEADACHES: As with adults, teenagers often suffer from headaches that may be due to strains coming from the upper back and neck, related to poor posture, studying positions or trauma from sports injuries.  Osteopathy treatment to the muscles and joints causing inflammation on the nerves causing headaches can provide significant relief for adolescents suffering from headaches or migraines.

SPORTS TRAUMA/INJURIES: As with an sport, teenagers are prone to sports injuries because of their immature skeletal and muscular systems taking hits and knocks and training regimes that their bodies may not be able to handle.  Osteopathy treatment can reduce strains, inflammation, bruising and trauma sustained during play, but where Osteopathy can really benefit sporting adolescents is in preventative treatment and management of their spines during growth phases to limit potential injury.

Osteopaths treat a whole range of conditions, some of which may be not so clear on examination by medical practitioners.  If you would like a second opinion, our Osteopaths will be honest and straight forward with treatment and management options for your teenager.